Midlands Policy

Terms of Service

Please read the terms below.

A-1. Please remove all items from the yard prior to services
A-2. Please remain inside when our machines are running.
A-3. If you know your scheduled date, please do not run your irrigation system before we arrive.
A-4. Client must provide password to locked gate, or simply leave the gate unlock during the week of. We can not be responsible to send daily or weekly notices beforehand.
A-5. There is an additional fee if a text or call is needed per visit.
A-6. If we can not access a portion of your property due to any reason other than our own will not result in partial payment.
B-1. We cannot guarantee a particular day that we will arrive, but arrangements can be made and this may result in additional fee.
B-2. Some additional requests could incur additional charges.
C-1. If paying an old invoice online, if possible, please use the emailed link for your personal records, rather than just creating a new ticket
C-2. Please do not discuss concerns during visitations. If possible, discuss this beforehand by calling or emailing.
C-3.By selecting a package, you understand and agree that the monthly discounted price is based on the total months within that package and is discounted only because of the displayed number of months within that package. You understand that the price would not be the same, but higher, if you were to get this service without the plan. You do understand that if you break or cancel the plan that you are subject for the remainder, of all prior payments, of what the regular price would have been. By accepting the plan you agree to pay the remainder if you cancel before the package season ends.

You are in Good Hands

The future of Midlands Landscaping

Midlands Landscaping is growing rapidly and expect to maintain the quality and personal touch that keeps our clients happy knowing that we are there, and that we care about their needs.