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I designed Midlands Landscaping in hopes of developing high quality work that anyone could afford. And with low overheads, high expectations and continuous learning of modern techniques that really works, giving you a better yard without the high costs.
Show or email us a copy of an estimate and we will beat it up to 20%.

President: John Strong Email John
Majored in Electrical/Environmental Engineering with courses in Lawn Management, Landscape Management and Macroeconomics. Certified Commercial Pesticide Applicator. Founder and Owner of two IT companies.

Senior Executive Vice President and President of Human Resources: Ariel D. Strong, BA
 Email Ariel
Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, with a minor in Business. Currently getting her (BS)Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering then off to grad school. Former Professional Tennis Player.
General Manager: Leslie Strong  Email Leslie

Chemical Technician: Billy Livingston

Irrigation Technician:

Landscaping Technician: 

Lawn Care Technician: H. Strong

Administrative Assistant: Bishalia Bowman, BA  Email Bishalia

Vice President of North Carolina: Charles Strong
Email Charles

Crew Members:

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The future of Midlands Landscaping

Midlands Landscaping is growing rapidly and expect to maintain the quality and personal touch that keeps our clients happy knowing that we are there, and that we care about their needs. 
Hablamos un poco de espanol.

Midlands Policies

Midlands Landscaping, LLC is not responsible for any objects left in the yard. Please remove all articles from the yard prior to cutting day, including dog feces please. Please notify Midlands Landscaping,LLC of any unusual items in the yard. Inclement weather will cause a delay. And in some cases earlier cut times will be arranged.